Table of Size Standards


SBA's current Table of Small Business Size Standards is available in PDF format.  To read and/or download the table, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free Adobe download. 

The table includes the Office of Management and Budget's (OMB) January 1, 2007, modifications to the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS).  Together, NAICS and OMB's 2007 modifications are referred to as "NAICS 2007." 

To locate your NAICS code and small business size standard,

1. Go to the Bureau of the Census Web Site, and use the "NAICS Search" box in the upper left hand corner.  Alternatively, if you know your SIC code, you can search for "SIC xxxx" (no quotes, where "xxxxx" represents the SIC code number).  The Bureau also provides correspondence tables for the various SIC 1987, NAICS 1997 and NAICS 2002 tables.

2. Return here to match your NAICS code(s) with the appropriate size standard(s).

The size standards in this table apply to most of SBA's and many other Federal Government programs and actions where eligibility as a small business is a factor or a consideration.  To determine if you are a small business, you must identify the NAICS code(s) that best describe(s) your abusiness activities.  Generally your primary NAICS code determinies if you are a small business for most Federal Government programs, except for Federal Government procurement.

For Federal government procurements, you must meet the small business size standard that the procuring agency's contracting officer specifies for the contract.  That may or may not be your principal activity.  However, so long as you meet the size standard for that procurement, you can qualify as small.  If you register in the Central Contractor Registration database (in fact, you must register, to make offers as a prime contractor), you should include all NAICS codes that identify the type of contracts you can perform.

It is important to note that in determining if you are a small business, you must include the receipts and/or employees (depending on what the standard is based) of all NAICS activities, regardless of how they were earned, as well as the receipts and/or employees of all affiliates, regardless of where they are located or what their industry.  Our Small Business Size Regulations specify how SBA determines receipts, number of employees and what constitutes affiliation.  Our Guide to Size Standards explains these, and many other size standards issues, in more general terms.

For information about small business size standards prior to SBA's adopting the North American Industry Classification System as the basis for its table of size standards, please contact SBA's Office of Size Standards at or (202) 205-6618.