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U.S. Office of Personnel Management - Ensuring the Federal Government has an effective civilian workforce

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Strategic Plan

Strategic and Operational Plan

Operational Goal Status, 2010

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Deadline Operational Goal Goal ID Date Completed  
January 1, 2010 Top of Page
  Monitor and report on demonstration projects at agencies by January 1, 2007, and update each year thereafter. A-6    
April 1, 2010 Top of Page
  Increase number of CHCO agencies using the USAJOBS announcement format and integrating online applications with their assessment systems to 50% by April 1, 2007; 75% by April 1, 2008; and 100% by April 1, 2010. C-10    
May 1, 2010 Top of Page
  Complete progress reviews for OPM employees by May 1, 2007 and every year thereafter except for new staff that have not been under standards the requisite period of time. E-57    
October 1, 2010 Top of Page
  Work with CHCO Council to roll out a more targeted (by learning institution, profession) job fair process in 2006 and expand through strategic planning period. C-4    
  Decrease hiring decision timeframes to 45 days from closing date of job announcement to date of offer for 50% of hires by end of FY 2006, increasing by 10% per year thereafter to 90% in 2010. C-8    
  Implement a human capital accountability system, including compliance with merit system principles, laws, rules, and regulations in accordance with OPM standards, at eight CHCO agencies by October 1, 2006; 16 by October 1, 2008; and all by October 1, 2010 D-6    
  Convert 50% of hard copy official personnel folders Governmentwide to electronic format by October 1, 2008; increasing 20% per year thereafter to 90% by 10/1/2010. FY 2008 Total = 900,000. FY 2009 Total = 1,260,000. D-9    
  Work with CHCO council to host and lead a new forum, including private sector thought leaders, for exploring innovative human resources practices by October 1, 2007, and each year thereafter. D-24    
  Pandemic Threats: Support Administration strategies to address pandemic threats throughout planning period. E-13    
  Achieve full cost recovery annually for each revolving fund program. E-21    
  Comply fully with A-123 and achieve unqualified assurance for agency control over financial reporting every year by October 1 for the period ending June 30. E-47    

Lead in the Federal Government in completing background investigations for OPM employees by

Obtaining a 97% compliance with OFI-79A requirements (Report of Agency Adjudicative Action on OPM Personnel Investigations) by October 1st of each year.

  Identify al least one initiative per year to partner and implement beginning in 2006. G-5    
December 1, 2010 Top of Page
  Receive unqualified audit opinion and report no material weaknesses every year. E-16    
December 31, 2010 Top of Page
  Report on SES performance-based pay system results each calendar year. A-2    
  Improve hiring practices as measured by CHCO Council-approved manager surveys at a total of eight CHCO agencies by July 1, 2007; 15 by October 1, 2008; and all agencies by 2010. C-9    
  Review all FEHBP carriers for compliance with guiding principles at least once during the 2007-2010 period. E-20    
  Achieve rate of no more than 1% of completed investigations returned as deficient from agency security/adjudication offices each year. E-26    

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