Vendor/Citizen Registration

  • DUNS #
  • Company Information
  • Personal Information
  • Review/Submit

On this step:

If you are a vendor: Enter your DUNS and click Proceed. The system will retreive your company information in CCR.

If you do not know the DUNS number for your company: you may find this information through the following search page:

If you are a citizen or do not wish to enter your DUNS number: You may click skip this step. Your data will not be auto-filled and you will not have access to sensitive, but unclassified data until your DUNS number is entered and verified by CCR.

* indicates a required field

Enter DUNS Number (Optional) 

Vendors: Please enter your company's 9 digit DUNS number. This will allow you to access sensitive, but unclassified documents.
Citizens / Others: You may skip this step by leaving the field empty and pressing Skip this Step at the bottom of the page.
Vendors should complete this field to ensure access to sensitive, but unclassified data.