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The Recovery Month website aims to promote the societal benefits of alcohol and drug use disorder treatment, laud the contributions of treatment providers and promote the message that recovery from alcohol and drug disorders in all its forms is possible.

September is Recover Month

RecoveryMonth.gov is not
only limited to the month of September. You can participate any time of year.

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An event planner is a person who organizes events or activities to promote recovery. An example of events and activities are press releases, banquets, workshops, conferences, walk or run, essay contest, T-shirt design competition, etc.

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New Information Briefs Provide Employers Valuable Advice on Cost Effective Ways of Helping Employees Needing Substance Abuse Treatment
(1/15/09) Employers now have free access to a series of 14 two-page briefs outlining the benefits (including financial) of helping their employees receive treatment for substance abuse. The 14 briefs were developed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

"Surveys have shown that 76 percent of people with drug or alcohol problems are employed and that their problems can have an enormous impact on productivity," said SAMHSA Acting Administrator Eric Broderick. "Our goal is to educate employers about cost effective measures that can be taken to identify employees with substance abuse problems and help return them to full health and productivity."

Read more at SAMHSA's site       Go directly to the briefs

New Nationwide Report Reveals that 5 Million People Participate in Self-Help Groups Each Year
(11/24/08) Read more on our News page.

New National Poll Reveals Public Attitudes on Substance Abuse, Treatment and the Prospects of Recovery
(9/30/08) Read more on our News page.