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Accordent Capture Station
All-in-one hardware device for synchronizing audio and video with images captured from virtually any VGA input device and then editing and publishing completed presentations to the Helix Universal Server.

Accordent Media Management System
Provides a custom portal and administrative console for creating portal groups and sub-categories, managing content within the portal and managing user access rights. Also includes search features that enable authorized viewers to search for and locate precise presentations and sections of presentations.

Envivio 4Caster
A hardware-based H.263/H.264 encoder that creates content for live delivery to mobile devices and any mobile 3G network.

Helix Mobile Producer — On Demand Evaluation
30-day evaluation — Specifically developed for the mobile market, this software-based audio and video encoder supports on-demand 3GPP rel 6 (H.264), RealAudio and RealVideo content creation.
Download and Evaluate

Helix Proxy
Helix Proxy eliminates redundant requests for content hosted on external websites by caching on-demand content and splitting live content on your network.

Helix Proxy — Evaluation
30-day evaluation — Proxy cache functionality for highter quality streaming and reduced latency and redundant connections.
Download and Evaluate

Helix Security Manager
Ticketed URL technology is used to control access to media files on the Helix Server to support enterprise web and mobile applications.
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Helix Server 25
25-stream entry-level server. This server offers solid delivery capabilities to those just getting started with streaming.

Helix Server 100
100-stream server that delivers more than 55 data types including RealAudio, RealVideo, Windows Media and QuickTime. A great solution for medium-sized audiences and can be upgraded to a server with unlimited capacity**.

Helix Server — Basic
Free version — Limited stream count deployment of 5.

Helix Server — Evaluation
30-day evaluation — Universal media delivery platform for both Enterprise and Internet customers.
Download and Evaluate

Helix Server Unlimited
Unlimited capacity** server that delivers more than 55 data types including RealAudio, RealVideo, Windows Media and QuickTime. Designed for organizations who deliver all the leading formats to large audiences or who are concerned about exceeding capacity constraints.

Helix Mobile Server
A streaming media server that delivers live and on-demand audio, video and rich media to mobile and PC-based clients over the public Internet and over 3G networks.
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Niagara GoStream
A portable, one-button streaming encoding appliance designed to make capturing and streaming video a simple, easy to use process.

Niagara SCX Software
Remote Control and Monitoring Application for Osprey-based Streaming Encoders.

Niagara Streaming Encoders
Industrial-strength, turnkey rack-mounted encoding solutions for reliable, high-quality RealAudio and RealVideo creation.

The cost-effective choice for professional A/V capture.

The 64-bit, four-channel, multi-port audio and video capture card.

The high-performance solution for streaming media professionals, digital and analog inputs for live or on-demand streaming.

PresenterPRO Enterprise Edition
Modular software solution designed to quickly create customized live and on-demand presentations that can scale up to tens of thousands of simultaneous viewers while incorporating a full spectrum of interactive features.
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Real Export Plug-In
New for Mac — export RealVideo 10 and RealAudio 10 directly from your favorite QuickTime-enabled application.

RealPlayer Enterprise
RealPlayer Enterprise is a configurable version of RealPlayer designed specifically for enterprise deployments.
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RealPlayer for PC
Our newest Player software which now includes our #1 Jukebox and a built-in media browser — All in one.

RealProducer Basic
Create high-quality RealAudio and RealVideo without advanced professional features.

RealProducer Plus
The gold-standard for creating and broadcasting RealAudio and RealVideo. $199.95*
Order and Download

RealSlideshow Basic — Free
Combine your digital pictures and images with audio to create dynamic media slideshows.


Innovative advertising services within the network and other Real programming.

Mobile Solutions
Learn about RealNetworks solutions for mobile service providers.

Certification Programs
Learn more about how to validate and promote your Helix powered products.

Professional Services
Real Professional Services specializes in designing and building turnkey solutions for leading customers.

RBN Hosting Services
The Real Broadcast Network (RBN) provides a range of complete Internet broadcasting services for some of the Web's most demanding programming and customers.

Support Services
Real is the leader in streaming media support. Choosing the right support for your specific business needs helps ensure a smooth deployment, an effortless operation and the quick resolution of any issues that arise.

Real Training
Learn everything you need to know about Real system architecture directly from the experts.


Mobile Operators
Mobile operators, manufacturers, content providers and consumers are taking advantage of Real's unique line of mobile solutions to expand the delivery of media to mobile phones and other devices.

Broadband Operators
Service providers are employing proven media player, delivery and back-end technologies that have generated more than 1 million subscribers to improve their high-speed data service offerings.


Webcast To Go
Webcast To Go is a complete end-to-end multi format webcasting solution combining the GoStream one button media appliance from Viewcast with the GoHost streaming media hosting service from the Real Broadcast Network (RBN).

Intranet Licensing Program
The solution, offering all the software and services you need to reach your specified employee size. You never have to buy additional servers or capacity to reach your intended audience.

Education Licensing Program
This per-user licensing program designed especially for schools and universities scales over time to include everything you need to provide the best possible digital media experience for students.

*30-day money back guarantee. Prices subject to change without futher notification.

**Unlimited Capacity server means that the software license does not have a specific megabit or stream capacity limit in the license key. Please note: The actual capacity you see will depend on the mix and nature of your streaming traffic as well as the host computer hardware configuration you select.

Check out the new RealProducer

Deploying Digital Media
Watch: Deploying Digital Media online seminar

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