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Pandemic Influenza Information

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Agency Guidance - Human Capital Management Policy for a Pandemic InfluenzaGet help with Adobe Acrobat PDF files

Questions and Answers

These questions and answers will (1) assist Federal agencies in understanding and using policies and programs designed to accomplish work during a pandemic health crisis and (2) assist Federal employees and their families in dealing with the consequences of a pandemic health crisis. Employees should consult with their agency human resources office regarding these policies and programs, since many of these matters are addressed in agency internal policies and/or collective bargaining agreements. In addition, agencies will provide guidance and specific direction to their employees on the agency’s operating status, including whether employees should work from an alternative worksite for a period of time. Please note that some of the questions posed and answered in this guidance are hypothetical in nature and do not reflect actual events or circumstances that have occurred (such questions are clearly marked as "[hypothetical]").

The Office of Personnel Management will issue additional and updated guidance regarding the use of these policies and programs to address issues that may arise during a pandemic health crisis as circumstances warrant.