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Pandemic Influenza Information

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Agency Guidance - Human Capital Management Policy for a Pandemic InfluenzaGet help with Adobe Acrobat PDF files

Collecting Workforce Data During a Pandemic Influenza Episode

The President, Congress, and heads of agencies will need to know how a pandemic influenza affects the Government's capacity to carry out its many functions by geographic area. That information will allow leaders to intelligently redeploy resources and adjust the means of performing work.

Since there are major difficulties in collecting accurate data on absences and deaths specifically related to a pandemic influenza, OPM will collect indirect measures based on data sources that are largely automated. Payroll providers will supply information on certain categories of paid and unpaid leave, by agency and State, which will be compared to prior-year baseline data. Agencies will report deaths by any cause, and those numbers will also be compared to baseline data. Agencies will also report on employees who are teleworking from alternative worksites, including their homes. Some agencies are able to capture telework data through their time and attendance systems, while others are taking steps to develop this capability.

OPM will notify agencies if and when this reporting needs to begin and will designate the contact point to which reports should be sent.