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The President's Management Agenda

From the President's Management Agenda:

To reform government, we must rethink government.

The need for reform is urgent. The General Accounting Office (GAO) "high-risk" list identifies areas throughout the federal government that are most vulnerable to fraud, waste, and abuse. Ten years ago, the GAO found eight such areas. Today it lists 22. Perhaps as significant, government programs too often deliver inadequate services at excessive cost. . . .

So while government needs to reform its operations--how it goes about its business and how it treats the people it serves, it also needs to rethink its purpose--how it defines what business is and what services it should provide.

The President's vision for government reform is guided by three principles. Government should be:

  • Citizen-centered, not bureaucracy-centered;
  • Results-oriented;
  • Market-based, actively promoting rather than stifling innovation through competition.

The President has called for a government that is active but limited, that focuses on priorities and does them well. That same spirit should be brought to the work of reform. Rather than pursue an array of management initiatives, we have elected to identify the government's most glaring problems -- and solve them. The President's Management Agenda is a starting point for management reform. ...

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