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CCR Extracts

This page is intended as a reference site for CCR customers who are interested in collecting vendor information for their financial or procurement systems with data stored in the CCR database. Please review the documents as needed.

Translation data for the SBA NAICS Size Exceptions and other repeating data elements:

As announced earlier this year, we will be closing out our former CCR Extracts by year end 2008. In addition, we will also need to close out the current BPN Extracts with versions earlier than the upcoming version 4.08.2 (4082) by year end 2008. A list of the new names of the files that will be used after July 2008 is available. The new names are cross-referenced to our current Extract file names. To review the document select a link below.

BPN Extract Test Files

The ZIP files below contain only 250 test records and should be used for testing purposes only. Each Text Extract file set contains one Test Refresh file and three Test Daily Files that can be processed in sequence.

For password resets/assistance, contact BPNSE Accounts at or call 269.961.4567 (commercial) or DSN 661-4567. Please provide your name, phone number and User ID.

If you have further questions about BPN Extracts service please contact us at

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