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Tips for a Successful Transition

We have noticed that there have been some questions related to the new FBO system. In order to help assist our users, we will be sharing tips and answers to frequently asked questions to help ease the transition to the new system.

If you are registering for access to the site,please be sure to follow instructions in the emails you will receive during the registration process. You will need to verify your email address to be fully registered. New registrants will not be functional until their email has been properly verified. Buyers, after verifying their email, will also need to be "authorized" by their agency. The registration process will need to go through a series of steps before a user can sign on to the system.

Buyer Vendor Buyer and Vendor Agency Admin Location Admin


  • You are always able to review opportunities in the system without being logged into the system, so if you are having issues with registration, remember you can still use the "opportunities" navigation on the fbo home page without being registered yet. Vendors will need to be registered with an account on to review any secure, but unclassified, document packages and to use certain features on the site.
  • When you register for an account, always type in (versus cut and paste) your data into the registration form. This is especially important when entering your DUNS, cage code or MPIN values.
  • A DUNS number is a unique 9-digit identifier issued and maintained by Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) that verifies the existence of a business entity globally. D&B assigns DUNS numbers for each physical location of a business. All U.S. Government contractors globally can receive a DUNS number at no charge and, under normal circumstances, within 24-72 hours when using
  • MPIN is an optional element of the vendor account registration process. It is required profile value for reviewing secured, but unclassified, documents on the system, but the field can be omitted during registration if you do not know the value when registering. Verify your MPIN with

Government Users

  • If your agency uses a centralized service interface (e.g. ASFI, NASA, DLA) for posting to FBO, please note that you do not need to create an account. The system administrators are working with that interface.
  • If you had an account on the prior version of FBO, please attempt to login as usual. For most buyers/engineers, this will work. Please note, as an additional security feature, all Government Users already in the system should receive an e-mail verification as they enter the site for the first time.
  • If your login does not work, please register with the system. The roles you can choose are Buyer, Engineer, or both. Each role is defined in the user guides posted on the FBO home page. After registering, your Agency or Location Administrator will have to approve your registration and grant you access.
  • Create new "bookmark" for the system in your browser to ensure you are navigating to the new interface correctly

For our FedTeDS Community

  • Your login information and role should have converted over to the new system. If you were a location administrator in the prior system, that role and function continues here.
  • Please note, the Interested Vendor function has been renamed to the "Authorized Vendor List."


  • Although every effort was taken to ensure that all synopses and draft solicitations were transferred to the new system, the FBO team is requesting all users to validate that their drafts were transferred. If they did not transfer, we apologize for the inconvenience and request that you reload the items to the new site.
  • Again, we encourage all users to take advantage of the updated user manuals located on the FBO home page. We also encourage all users to help us make the system better by reporting any errors or omissions to