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Awards Calendar

Welcome to our governmentwide awards calendar. It describes award programs sponsored by a variety of Federal and non-Federal organizations. The programs described in this calendar differ from those operated by Federal agencies only for their own employees. The programs listed in this calendar are open to employees from all Federal agencies. Federal employees seeking information about award programs designed only for their own agencies should consult their respective servicing human resources offices.

We include descriptions, nomination deadlines, web addresses, and contacts for each award. Awarding organizations will continue to issue individual announcements to solicit nominations and announce specific deadlines. For further information about these award programs, please phone or email the contact name we provide, or visit the award program's web site, if available.

If your organization operates a governmentwide award program that you would like to include on our list, please e-mail us.

Two notes of caution:

  • We have determined that agencies' participation in non-Federally sponsored honor award programs that have age or gender as selection criteria do not violate Federal statutes. However, we caution agencies not to consider the nomination or selection of their employees for those specific awards in making subsequent promotion or other decisions.

  • Agencies should not nominate an employee for an award nor permit his or her acceptance of an award sponsored by any private organization having interests that may be substantially affected by the performance or non-performance of the employee's official duties.

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