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2009 HHS Presidential Transition Operating and Staff Division Designees

Senior leaders will become the acting heads of their respective agencies and offices (or in some cases, remain as heads of their respective agencies and offices) until the Administration appoints individuals to various leadership positions. Between January 20 at noon and the time when the Secretary-designate is sworn in, Assistant Secretary Charles E. Johnson will serve as Acting Secretary.

Those stepping into temporary leadership are designated below.

Operating Divisions:

  • ACF: Curtis L. Coy, Deputy Assistant Secretary
  • AHRQ: Carolyn Clancy, Director
  • AoA: Edwin Walker, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy & Programs
  • CDC: William H. Gimson, III, Chief Operating Officer
  • CMS: Charlene Frizzera, Chief Operating Officer
  • FDA: Frank M. Torti, Principal Deputy Commissioner & Chief Scientist
  • HRSA: Elizabeth M. Duke, Administrator
  • IHS: Robert McSwain, Director
  • NIH: Raynard Kington, Acting Director
  • SAMHSA: Eric Broderick, Acting Administrator

Staff Divisions:

  • ASAM: Segundo Pereira, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary
  • ASH: Don Wright, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary
  • ASL: Barbara Pisaro Clark
  • ASPA: William H. Hall, Director, News Division
  • ASPE: James Scanlon, Deputy Assistant Secretary
  • ASPR: RADM W. Craig Vanderwagen, Assistant Secretary
  • ASRT: Richard Turman, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Budget
  • CFBCI: Ben O'Dell, Associate Director
  • DAB: Judge Constance Tobias, Chair
  • IGA: Nikki Bratcher-Bowman, Senior Management and Policy Advisor
  • IOS-ES: Ashley Files Flory, Deputy Executive Secretary
  • OCR: Robinsue Frohboese, Principal Deputy Director
  • OD: Michael Marge, Deputy Director
  • OGC: David S. Cade, Deputy General Counsel
  • OGHA: Jim Kulikowski, Senior Advisor to the Director
  • OIG: Daniel R. Levinson, Inspector General
  • OMHA: Judge Perry Rhew, Chief Administrative Law Judge
  • ONC: Robert Kolodner, National Coordinator for Health Information Technology
  • OSSI: RADM Arthur J. Lawrence, Director
  • SG: RADM Steven K. Galson, Acting Surgeon General

Last updated: 01/12/2009