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  Animal Welfare Information Center (USDA)

  ECVAM - European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods

  FRAME - Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments

  ICCVAM - Interagency Coordinating Committee for the Validation of Alternative Methods (HHS/NIH/NIEHS)

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  1. General Animal Testing Alternatives
  2. Carcinogenesis
  3. Cytotoxicity
  4. Dermal Toxicity
  5. Ecotoxicity
  6. Genotoxicity
  7. Hepatic/Renal Toxicity
  8. Immunotoxicity / Immunology
  9. Neurotoxicity
  10. Ocular Toxicity
  11. Pharmacokinetic/Mechanistic Studies
  12. Pulmonary Toxicity
  13. Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship (QSAR)
  14. Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity
  15. Animal Welfare

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