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Helix Security ManagerHelix Security Manager: Control who gets access to streamed and downloaded media


Educational institutions, enterprises and government organizations need to control access to streaming and downloaded media content from their Web site portal applications.

Helix Security Manager leverages ticketed URL technology to control access to media files on the Helix Server to support enterprise Web and mobile applications.

How does it work?
Helix Security Manager functions are performed by two components:
- The Security Manager is a Java application that generates secure playback URLs; that is, hashed tokens that are appended to the original URL requests targeted to the streaming or download servers.
- The Security Adapter is installed on the Helix Server or an HTTP download server and validates the secure URLs before authorizing playback.

Because Helix Security Manager leverages your existing Web applications, you will need to have access to Web developers in order to deploy within your organization.

Document Datasheet: Helix Security Manager (PDF)

Who can buy Helix Security Manager?
The following organizations are eligible to purchase Helix Security Manager:
- Corporations delivering streaming media to their employees, customers, partners and other stakeholders
- Educational institutions delivering streaming media to their students, employees, and the public at large
- Government agencies delivering streaming media to their employees, other government organizations and the public at large
- Not-for-profit organizations delivering streaming media to their employees, funders and the public at large
- Media companies who earn less than $50 million in annual revenue
- Services Providers (ISPs) with less than 200,000 subscribers

Helix Security Manager offers the following key advantages:
Cross platform
- Available on Windows, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Solaris

Supports multiple devices
- Enables you to control access to content on the PC as well as mobile phones

Supports multiple media formats
- Controls access to all formats supported by the Helix Server

Supports multiple delivery methods
- Control access to digital content streamed via the Helix Server or downloaded via a covalent server

Integrate media servers into enterprise web and mobile applications
- More robust and flexible level of access control than username and password
- Can be incorporated into your enterprise single-sign-on strategy
- Less complex and easier to deploy than digital rights management

Supports Multiple Installation Methods
- Pre-packaged solution complete with a JBoss 4.02 application server
- Installs on existing application server JBoss 4.05, Weblogic 9 & 10, Tomcat 5.5
- Installs with JAR file, which simplifies geographically distributed deployments

Helix Security Manager consists of two components, Security Manager and Security Adapter.

Security Manager specifications:
Supported application server JBoss 4.02 and 4.05, Weblogic 9 and 10, Tomcat 5.5
Supported media server Helix Server Unlimited v.11, Helix Server 25 and Helix Server 100, Covalent server, Apache
Supported operating systems Windows 2003, RedHat Enterprise Linux 4, RedHat Enterprise Linux, Solaris 8 and 9
Security Adapter specifications:
Supported operating systems Windows 2003, RedHat Enterprise Linux 4, Solaris 8 and 9


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Watch: Securing Digital Media
Watch: Securing Digital Media

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