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The Senior Executive Service (SES) Federal Candidate Development Program (Fed CDP) will help Federal agencies meet their succession planning goals and contribute to the Government's effort to create a high-quality SES leadership corps. The information contained on this site provides information about the program and the educational model used to develop the candidates. This model includes feedback-intensive and mentoring components to further assist candidates in their developmental journey. The program will introduce candidates to the best leaders in the Federal Government.

People who complete the program and obtain certification by an SES Qualifications Review Board (QRB) may be selected for an SES position anywhere in the Federal Government without further competition.

Individuals interested in this program can start preparing to apply for upcoming opportunities by reviewing the competencies covered by the Executive Core Qualifications.

Agencies interested in participating in this partnership program should review our Fostering Future Agency Leadership brochure PDF file [223 KB] and contact us.

Fed CDP opportunities are posted on USAJOBS during the application period. See the left navigation panel for a link to job announcements when they are available.