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Real’s products and services are supported by an ecosystem of over 800 companies shipping products, services and technologies. To support our partners and educate our customers, Real has developed two certification programs to validate and promote that your product works well with the Helix technology.


What is the program?
The Helix Certified program is available to help you be more effective at selling your Helix-based products. This formalized program, including a thorough testing and approval process, communicates to your customers that your product is fully compliant with Helix quality standards.

The Helix Certified program is designed to create confidence in the customer's mind, telling them that any product Helix Certified is a technologically sound choice. The customer will be assured that your product or service will:
- Include Helix software, ensuring that as subsequent versions of the Helix software are released, new functionality can be easily adopted and supported
- Support all Helix media types including RealAudio, RealVideo, MP3, Flash 4, QuickTime delivery to QuickTime clients, and over 40 additional media types.
- Support all protocols supported by the Helix Universal including RTSP and PNA
- Expose Helix APIs to ensure other 3rd party products can added

A special Helix Powered logo is available to you once your product has passed the third-party compatibility tests. Displaying this logo on your product's packaging, advertising, collateral materials and Web site helps customers easily identify your participation in this program, and assures them of your product's compatibility with Helix technology.

The Helix Compatible program is available to validate for customers that your product works with Helix. Products and services that pass this level of testing are certified for a subset of Helix functionality.

Participating in the Helix Compatible program tells the customer that your product or service will:
- Ensure the consumer’s experience is not degraded in any manner
- Support the RTSP protocol
- Support RealAudio and RealVideo delivery to the RealPlayer

A Helix Compatible logo is available to you once your product has passed the third-party compatibility tests.

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