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Office of Resources Planning and Evaluation

The Office of Resource Planning and Evaluation (RPE) is headed by a director and is responsible for providing expertise and analysis in the formulation and implementation of policies, procedures and operational strategies that  ensure efficient and effective allocation and utilization of program resources in support of ASPR’s mission. RPE carries out these responsibilities by formulating, monitoring, and evaluating ASPR budgets, plans and other resources that support management of human capital, facilities, and acquisitions of program services.  RPE develops policies and procedures pertaining to ASPR resource utilization, analysis, and assessment of budgetary needs; oversees efforts to develop management quality assurance plans in support of preparedness programs, projects and activities.  RPE provides oversight and guidance on the design, implementation, testing and evaluation of management plans, policies and procedures. 

RPE oversees the development of ASPR resources requests and justifications including the annual performance budget, workforce and staffing plans, and facility and capital projects plans.  RPE has oversight of funds available under the Stafford Act after a declared emergency from its management of the Administration and Finance Section of the Emergency Management Group.  Additionally, RPE manages performance monitoring efforts with respect to budget and resource utilization as part of ASPR’s Strategic Management System.

RPE is the primary point of contact within ASRP for budget and resource utilization policy and works closely with the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Resources and Technology (ASRT), the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management (ASAM), the General Services Administration (GSA) and others to communicate, justify and otherwise support ASPR’s resource needs and to ensure the management of its resources are consistent with Departmental and Administration guidelines and procedures.