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Custom Solutions

Is your organization facing an immediate challenge? Has a new initiative or reorganization forced you to find a new approach? Do you want to implement a new strategy to improve your organization's performance? The Center for Leadership Capacity Services can custom design a solution to satisfy a one-time need or be part of a strategic partnership addressing ongoing challenges. We work with you and your staff to tailor the solution to meet your specific requirements. The innovative approaches we design will help your organization to meet its immediate challenges, focus on the future, and successfully adapt to changing circumstances.

We Offer

  • Custom Workshops to build strong leadership competencies
  • Team Development Programs to help you and your associates work more effectively—especially across organizational or geographic barriers
  • Facilitated Planning Programs that focus on mission, budget, technology, strategic planning, performance improvement, and other critical issues
  • Consulting Activities to build staff skills and develop an in-house capacity for organizational improvement
  • Organizational and Individual Assessments to help you understand your staff's needs and optimal alignment
  • Executive Coaching Services to support individual development at critical junctures, or to enhance overall performance
  • Succession Planning Services to build leadership capacity for the future
  • Long-term Executive Development Partnerships to give key personnel the tools for success

Our faculty members are in continuous contact with leaders who are in the forefront of innovation throughout the Government. Trained at leading graduate schools in disciplines including political science, education, psychology, and economics, our faculty members have built careers leading Government and private organizations. As educators and consultants they are up to date on the trends and hottest issues facing Government leaders today.

Arranging Custom Designed Solutions

Contact us to develop Custom Designed Services that will meet your organizational challenge. One of our faculty members will discuss your needs and, in partnership with you, develop an approach that works best for you and your organization. Our staff will develop a budget for your program and work with you on the reimbursement vehicle (Training form, Memorandum of Agreement, or other) most efficient for you. Our status as a Federal agency allows us to handle procurement issues on a Government-to-Government basis.

Arranging Custom Designed Leadership Solutions

For more information about customizing leadership programs, contact:

Dale Fruchtnicht
Federal Executive Institute
1301 Emmet Street
Charlottesville, VA 22903
Voice: 434-980-6200
TDD/TTY: 434-980-6299
Fax: 434-979-3387
email: cel@opm.gov

George Liscic
Western Management
Development Center
Cherry Creek Place
3151 S. Vaughn Way, Suite 300
Aurora, CO 80014
Voice: 303-671-1039
TDD/TTY: 303-671-1041
Fax: 303-671-1018
email: glliscic@opm.gov