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Rotations are assignments often used to allow Fellows to gain a broader perspective of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.  Rotations can take Fellows to another bureau, division, office, program, or even another agency or branch of the Federal Government.  By participating in rotations, Fellows can gain management experience, work in specific occupational fields, or learn about a program function from another perspective.

Rotations may or may not meet the qualifications for a developmental assignment.  Rotational assignments that are not 4 months or longer, or are not in the occupation or functional area of the Fellows target position, or do not have full time management and/or technical responsibilities consistent with the Fellow's IDP, do not meet the requirements found in section 362.204(b)(4)(i)(A), of title 5, Code of Federal Regulations.

Requirements in section 362.204(b)(4)(i)(B) of title 5, Code of Federal Regulations, specify that in addition to the developmental assignment, the Fellow may receive other short-term rotational assignments of 1 to 6 months in duration, at the appointing agency's discretion, to occupations or functional areas different from the one in which the Fellow will most likely be placed.

Since the agency and supervisor will be without the Fellow's services during the rotational assignment, but will be still paying their salary, Fellows need to understand the agency's and office's position on rotations.  Fellows are encouraged to inquire about and discuss an agency's rotation policy at the job fair and in subsequent interviews, prior to accepting an agency offer.

Rotations are at the discretion of the home agency.  Fellows are required to go through agency-specific procedures before pursuing rotational assignments.  Some agencies require approval at the level of the agency head for rotations outside the agency.  It is the Fellow's responsibility to initiate the approval process, if required by the agency, before making contacts or agreements to go on rotations.

While some rotations are arranged by the Fellow's agency, many Fellows take the initiative to identify rotations they are particularly interested in.  If an agency concludes that a rotation to a non-Federal entity is appropriate to assist a Fellow to reach core competencies necessary for conversion to the targeted position at the end of the Fellowship, it is the responsibility of the agency to address potential legal and ethical issues associated with such a rotation.

The frequency and duration of rotations during a Fellow's two year fellowship may vary greatly from agency to agency.  Fellows are encouraged to be flexible and to have reasonable expectations regarding the agency's support for the location, timing, and duration of rotational opportunity(s).

While on rotation, Fellows remain employees of the hiring agency and are not to be separated from Federal service.  While on rotation, a Fellow's salary continues to be paid by the appointing agency, although housing, transportation, training, or other expenses are sometimes paid by the agency hosting the Fellow for the rotation.

The PMF Program Office facilitates rotations for both agencies and Fellows by posting rotations on the PMF website under "Rotations".  Instructions for posting rotations can also be found there.

In addition, the PMF Program Office frequently posts rotations within its own office for those Fellows who may be interested.

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