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ACF Grant Opportunities
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The following documents are maintained by the Office of Financial Services


  • SF-424 Application for Federal Assistance [pdf 197k]
  • SF-424A Budget Information - Nonconstruction Programs [pdf 15.8k]
  • SF-424A Instructions Only [pdf 39k]
  • SF-424C Budget Information - Construction Programs [pdf 8.4k]


  • SF-424B Non-construction Programs [pdf]
  • SF-424D Construction Programs [pdf 13.26k]
  • Protection of Human Subjects Assurance Identification/Certification/Declaration (Common Federal Rule)



  • SF LLL Disclosure of lobbying activities [pdf]

HHS Grants Policy Statement

The HHS Grants Policy Statement (GPS) (.doc) is the Department of Health and Human Services' new single policy guide for discretionary grants and cooperative agreements. Unlike previous HHS policy documents, the GPS is intended to be shared with and used by grantees. It became effective October 1, 2006 and is applicable to all Operating Divisions (OPDIVS), such as the Administration for Children and Families (ACF), except the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The GPS covers basic grants processes, standard terms and conditions and points of contact as well as important OPDIV-specific requirements. Appendices include a glossary of terms and a list of standard abbreviations for ease of reference.


  • SF-269 Financial Status Report (Long Form) [pdf 90.4k ]
  • SF-270 Request for Advance Reimbursement [pdf 97.9k]
  • SF-272 Federal Cash Transactions Report [pdf 10.1k]
  • SF-272A Federal Cash Transactions Report (continuation) [pdf 4.3k]
  • ACF-OGM-SF-PPR  Beginning with FY 2009 awards, most ACF grantees will begin using the a Standard Form (SF) for required performance progress reporting (PPR). The SF-PPR is a standard government-wide performance progress reporting format consisting of a series of forms implemented by Federal agencies to collect performance information from award recipients. Most ACF grantees will begin using the standard format implemented through ACF's Office of Grants Management (OGM), entitled the "ACF-OGM-SF-PPR." Use of the ACF-OGM-SF-PPR will begin for new awards and continuation awards made by ACF in FY 2009. At a minimum, grantees will be required to submit the ACF-OGM-SF-PPR, which consists of the ACF-OGM-SF-PPR Coversheet and the ACF-OGM-SF-PPR Appendix B Program Indicators.  Grant award documents will inform grantees of the appropriate performance progress report form or format to use beginning in FY 2009. A copy of the ACF-OGM-SF-PPR is available at [doc - 106kb]


  • Survey on Ensuring Equal Opportunity for Applicants [doc 44k, pdf 48k]