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Clinical Trials

Trial TitleCondition
BVAIT: B-Vitamin Atherosclerosis Intervention Trial Atherosclerosis
Effect of Vitamin K on Age-Related Bone Loss and Vascular Calcification Osteoporosis; Vascular Calcification; Inflammation
Fish Oil and Alpha Lipoic Acid in Treating Alzheimer's Disease Alzheimer's Disease; Oxidative Stress; Dementia; Hyperlipidemia; Inflammation
Analysis of Atropine and Propranolol Induced Changes Healthy
Cognition in the Study of Tamoxifen and Raloxifene Cognition; Aging
Anti-Oxidant Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease Alzheimer's Disease
AFTER: Altering Fat Through Estrogen and Raloxifene Postmenopause
The TLC2 (Teaching Healthy Lifestyles to Caregivers 2)/CALM (Counseling Advice for Lifestyle Management) Study Health Behavior; Psychological Stress; Healthy
Hormone and Information Processing Study Mild Cognitive Impairment; Alzheimer's Disease
GIP: Glucose-Dependent Insulinotropic Peptide Type 2 Diabetes
Insulin Resistance and Testosterone in Women Insulin Resistance; Postmenopause
ACCORD-MIND: Action to Control Cardiovascular Risk in Diabetes--Memory in Diabetes Atherosclerosis; Cardiovascular Diseases; Hypercholesterolemia; Hypertension; Diabetes Mellitus; Coronary Disease
Exercise Rehabilitation of Younger and Older People With Claudication Intermittent Claudication
Alternative Therapies for Menopause: A Randomized Trial Menopause; Hot Flashes
Fast Food Study: Assessment of the Effects of Fast-Food on Inflammatory Markers Heart Diseases; Diabetes; Obesity
Growth Hormone Administration and the Human Immune System - II Aging; Immune System
Memory Aid for Informed Consent in Alzheimer's Research Alzheimer's Disease; Aging
Osteoarthritis: Weakness From Inflammation Osteoarthritis
SMART: Somatotrophics, Memory, and Aging Research Trial Aging; Mild Cognitive Impairment
PET Changes in Alzheimer's Disease (AD) Alzheimer Disease