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There are various approaches to searching TOXNET; you may search one, some, or all databases simultaneously. When searching all databases simultaneously, the Front Page Search Screen displays the number of records retrieved for each of the TOXNET databases and subsequently allows you to view the individual results. Alternately, it is a starting point for going to specific database screens which offer more versatile search features, other NLM resources, or support pages. The toll-free number for assistance is: 1-888-346-3656.

SEARCH ALL DATABASES (The Central Area of the Screen)
DATABASES (The Left Column of the Screen)
OTHER NLM RESOURCES/SUPPORT PAGES (The Right Column of the Screen)

SEARCH ALL DATABASES (The Central Area of the Screen)

In the query box, enter one or more terms which describe your search topic(s). These may be any combination of words, chemical names, and numbers, including Chemical Abstracts Services (CAS) Registry Numbers (RN). Common "stop words" such as "a," "an," "for," "the," and "it," although you may enter them, will not be searched.

Examples of search terms:

  • acetone
  • vinyl chloride
  • 67-64-1
  • 75-01-4
  • brain
  • toxicogenomics
  • dna adducts
  • skin tumors in mice
  • chemical biomarkers
  • aflatoxin b1

The search will be initiated when you click the Search button. Search results will consist of a list of TOXNET databases, each paired with the number of records found. Clicking on one of these numbers of retrieved records will take you directly to the Search Results page of that particular database. To erase your search term(s) and start over with a blank query box, click on the Clear button.

Search for Ammonia

Results of Search for Ammonia

DATABASES (The Left Column of the Screen)

Clicking on any of the cells in this column will take you directly to the search screen for the database selected. "Multi-Databases" offers simultaneous searching of HSDB, CCRIS, IRIS, and GENE-TOX. The information icon ("i") next to each database provides a brief description of it, with links to a more detailed Fact Sheet and a sample record.

OTHER NLM RESOURCES/SUPPORT PAGES (The Right Column of the Screen)

You may also visit additional NLM Web-Based Resources:

  • DIRLINE - Directory of health and scientific organizations.
  • Tox Web Links - Links to additional toxicology Web sites.
  • MEDLINEplus Tox/Env Health - Consumer health information on toxicology and environmental health topics.
  • PubMed - Access to the MEDLINE database of biomedical literature.
  • NLM Gateway - Searches across multiple NLM databases.
  • Locatorplus - NLM's online catalog of books, audiovisuals, and journals.

Or Support Pages:

  • Database Descriptions - A compilation of descriptions and links to Fact Sheets and sample records for all the TOXNET databases.
  • News - News pertaining to TOXNET and NLM's Toxicology and Environmental Health Information Program. Also includes links to other news sources and a calendar of events.
  • Help - Detailed documentation, such as what you are reading now, about searching TOXNET.