Partnership Plan

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) developed the Partnership Plan in an effort to provide broader coverage of the Medicaid program by partnering with State Auditors to conduct joint reviews. We believed this Partnership approach would be a more effective and efficient use of scarce audit resources by both the Federal and State audit sectors. We provided the Plan to all State Governors and State Auditors and invited them to participate in this undertaking.

Full text of the Partnership Plan (PDF)

As of July 1996, the Partnership Plan had been successful in forming partnerships with 15 State Auditors resulting in 20 audit reports with a financial impact of over $100 million on both Federal and State funds. Projects included such diverse issues as Medicaid prescription drugs, clinical laboratory services, hospital transfers, non-physician services, durable medical equipment, and drug acquisition costs. A summary of our joint audit initiatives is available below in PDF format.

Partnerships Work and Deliver Results (PDF) (A Summary of Federal/State Joint Audit Initiatives)

The response to our Partnership Plan has exceeded our expectations because the resulting joint projects have had mutual benefits to all of the participating partners. Our joint projects have resulted in reports which have identified areas where improvements in program operations could be achieved, unallowable program expenditures could be recovered, and future cost savings could be recognized. These reported program improvements benefit both the States and the Federal Government. The Plan has also been successful because of the flexibility inherent in our Partnership concept: The level of involvement of each Partner can vary depending upon specific situations and available resources.

Those interested in participating in a joint effort with our office are invited to contact any of the individuals listed below.

National Coordinator (410) 786-7104
George M. Reeb, Assistant Inspector General for Health Care Financing Audits
N2 25-26 North Building
7500 Security Boulevard
Baltimore, Maryland 21244-1850

Atlanta (404) 331-2446
Charles J. Curtis, Regional Inspector General for Audit Services
P. O. Box 2047
Atlanta, GA 30301

Boston (617) 565-2684
Michael R. Armstrong, Regional Inspector General for Audit Services
JFK Federal Building, Room 2425
Boston, MA 02203

Chicago (312) 353-2618
Paul P. Swanson, Regional Inspector General for Audit Services
105 West Adams, 23rd Floor
Chicago, IL 60603

Dallas (214) 767-8414
Gordon L. Sato, Regional Inspector General for Audit Services
1100 Commerce St., RM 4A-5
Dallas, TX 75242

Kansas City (816) 426-3591
James P. Aasmundstad, Regional Inspector General for Audit Services
601 E. 12th Street, Room 284A
Kansas City, MO 64106

New York (212) 264-4620
Timothy J. Horgan, Regional Inspector General for Audit Services
Federal Plaza, Room 3900A
New York, NY 10278

Philadelphia (215) 596-6743
David M. Long, Regional Inspector General for Audit Services
535 Market Street, Room 4300
Philadelphia, PA 19101

San Francisco (415) 437-8360
Lorie A. Ahlstrand, Regional Inspector General for Audit Services
50 United Nations Plaza, Room 171
San Francisco, CA 94102