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The Federal Government has long recognized the important role of the public in developing effective policies. Advisory committees are a way of ensuring public and expert involvement and advice in Federal decision-making. In response to the growing number of advisory committees, Congress enacted the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) which established the guidelines under which all Federal advisory committees must operate. The number of advisory committees is carefully managed, ensuring that committees are only established when essential to the attainment of clearly defined Executive Branch priorities. 

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) fully supports this approach. CMS' standing committees provide advice and recommendations in such areas as physician services, proposed medical coverage, beneficiary education, and management. Our committee memberships reflect a balance of viewpoints, education, and experience. Members include beneficiaries, physicians, pharmacists, providers of service, consumer/industry representatives, and other experts in the health care delivery field.

Committee Management Office: 1-877-449-5659 (Toll-Free) or 410-786-9379

Note:  If you have questions on a specific aspect of the Federal Advisory Committee operations at CMS, direct your concerns to the advisory committee in question.


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General FACA Information:

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