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There are six offices within the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Office of the Inspector General (OIG). The Office of Investigations (OI) is responsible for conducting and coordinating investigative activities related to fraud, waste and abuse in more than 300 HHS programs.

OI investigates Medicare and Medicaid fraud, child support enforcement matters, internal investigations, and grant and contract fraud. Additionally, investigative activities include allegations of fraud, and mismanagement by applicants, grantees, and contractors or by HHS employees in the performance of their official duties. Successful prosecutions result in criminal and administrative remedies to include fines and exclusions.

With investigators working in all 50 States, OI leverages its resources by actively coordinating with the Department of Justice and other law enforcement authorities.

OI is now recruiting for students interested in gaining law enforcement and investigations experience. As an OI intern your primary responsibility will be to assist in supporting OI's mission in the detection and investigation of fraud, waste and abuse in HHS programs and operations.

Organization Chart

Deputy Inspector General for Investigations
Special Assistant Special Advisor
Special Investigations Unit Inspector Inspector Inspector Inspector
Assistant Inspector General for Investigations (Division 1) Assistant Inspector General for Investigations (Division 2)
Administration and Policy Investigations Special Agents in Charge 1-4, M Center for Medicare and Medicaid Liasion Special Agents in Charge 5-9, L Training, Protection, and Emergency Operations Computer Forensics and Investigative Research
Inspections and Investigative Policy Exclusions Protective Operations Siezed Computer Evidence Recovery
Budget and Administrative Support Investigation Resource Training Operations Hotline
Information Management