Office of Management and Policy (OMP)

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The Office of Management and Policy (OMP) provides mission and administrative support services to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Inspector General (OIG) by managing: budget formulation and execution; policy development; personnel security; dissemination of OIG information; information technology; human resources; executive resources; and OIG facilities. OMP also ensures performance quality and execution compliance with current and emerging Government regulations, directives, and mandates.


OMP’s continuing goals are to assure that the OIG has the necessary financial and other resources to fulfill its mission and that OIG is viewed as providing, timely, high-quality information to decision-makers on the integrity, economy, efficiency and effectiveness of departmental programs.

Organization Chart

Deputy Inspector General for Management and Policy
Assistant Inspector General for Management and Policy
Staff Positions
Chief Information Officer
Planning, Reporting, and Analysis Budget and Finance Administrative Services Information Assurance Network Infrastructure and Operations System Applications Support Technology Planning and Governance