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How does the Full Text Search Work?

The "Full Text Search" searches the entire report or other product for the word or phrase you enter above. That is, the actual text of everything on our web site is searched. (The other search methods on the left do not search the text, rather they search the title, author, abstract, or other descriptors of the reports or other products.)


  • welfare, reform
    will return all incidences of the words welfare and reform.
  • welfare reform
    will return only those incidences where the words welfare and reform are found in the same document.
  • "welfare reform"
    will return those incidences where the phrase "welfare reform" is found in a document.
  • welfare reform, TANF
    will return all incidences of the phrase "welfare reform" or "TANF".

In addition to the basic Boolean logical operators AND, OR, and NOT, the following wildcard operators may be added to queries. For instance,

  • sea?
    Matches seas and seat, but not sea
  • sea*
    Matches seas and seat, but also sea, search, seam, and any other combination starting with sea
  • sea[st]
    Matches seas and seat, but not seam, sea, or search
  • sea{m, rch}
    Matches seam and search, but not seat, seas or sea
  • sea[^st]
    Matches seam and seal, but not seas or seat
  • sea[a-z]
    Matches every possible combination of sea followed by any single letter, including seas, seat, seam, and seal

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Last Revised:  July 5, 2006

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