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Big Brother 10: Tex's Take on the Big Brother 10 Finale

The Cast of CBS' 'Big Brother 10'

Was the final jury questioning as bitter as we thought it would be? Who persuaded the jury to give them a half million dollars?

Hey y'all. Last night was the Big Brother 10 finale, and I miss it already. I missed Big Brother After Dark last night. Although the last couple of nights have been… Continued

Big Brother 10: After 71 Days

Dan on 'Big Brother 10'

Dan, the Catholic school teacher, is the winner of Big Brother 10!

What a perfect ending to a perfect season! I actually had my favorite from early on win and I'm still in shock over it. I mean, actually I'm not but really I am. Oh, you know what I mean.

I say it for every Big Brother season… Continued

Big Brother 10: Who's Gonna Take It All?

Memphis and Dan on the tenth running of CBS' 'Big Brother'

We're down to the final two. Who's gonna win the $500K, and who'll walk away with $50K?

It seems to me as if this season of Big Brother has gone by very quickly. I've really enjoyed it. The cast and the lack of "twists" have, for the most part, redeemed the season for me. … Continued

Big Brother 10: Congratulations Renegades!

Dan is a contestant on 'Big Brother 10'

First, I want to say how bad I feel that I wasn't able to liveblog the show tonight for y'all. It's the first one I haven't been able to do for many seasons (excluding the season finales) and it really disappoints me. Even if I had been able to watch the show, there's no way I would have been able… Continued

Big Brother 10: Memphis Wins Part Two

Memphis is a contestant on CBS' 'Big Brother 10'

Guess who won part two of the three-part final HOH competition? Memphis did!

So it'll now be Memphis and Dan up against each other in the final part during the live show tomorrow night. One of them will be the final HOH of the season and will have to decide who to take with them to… Continued

Big Brother 10: Tonight Chat with Big Brother 10's Brian and Steven

Steven and Brian on the 10th edition of 'Big Brother'

Tonight on Feed 4 of the SuperPass Live Feeds, evicted houseguests Brian and Steven will be on to chat and answer questions. Get in on the fun.

Tonight (Wednesday, Sept. 10) evicted Big Brother 10 houseguests Brian and Steven will be with us chatting and answering questions. The procedures for… Continued

Big Brother 10: Waiting On Round Two

Jerry is a contestant on 'Big Brother 10'

Well we've had an exciting 24 hours haven't we? Memphis evicted Keesha and then Dan went on to win the first part of the final HOH competition. Now it's all up to Memphis and Jerry at this point.

The second part of the three-part HOH competition should be held some time today. It's usually a… Continued

Big Brother 10: A Wing And A Prayer

Dan wins last endurance comp

The first part of the final HOH competition has begun. Dan, Memphis, and Jerry are standing on top of planes in the backyard trying to keep from falling off. All they have to help them with their balance are two ropes that each of them are holding on to which are attached to the planes… Continued

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