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For cutting-edge, evidence-based tools designed to help specific audiences quit smoking and remain smoke-free, look no further. They can be viewed online, downloaded in PDF format, or ordered online by selecting the appropriate link below.

Clearing the Air (2008) -'s Online Guide to Quitting
for all smokers interested in quitting
Cover of Clearing the Air This booklet is designed to help you at any stage—whether you’re still thinking about quitting, have made the decision to quit, or have already taken steps to quit and just need help maintaining your new lifestyle. Both ex-smokers and experts have contributed to this guide. Clearing the Air can help people at all stages make it to their final goal—living smoke-free. View online
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Clear Horizons (2001)
for smokers over age 50
Cover of Clear Horizons If you’re a smoker over 50 who’s thinking about quitting, Clear Horizons is just for you. Even if you’ve been smoking for most of your life, you can still quit and reverse much of the damage that smoking has caused to your body. This 24-page guide will help you every step of the way. Tools have been included to help reinforce your decision to quit, with information about specific methods, such as replacement therapy or quitting cold turkey. Let Clear Horizons help you make the decision to live longer by quitting smoking. View online
Forever Free™ (2000)
for smokers who have recently quit
Cover of Forever Free Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to stop smoking, and have taken real steps to quit. Now comes the next step: Staying smoke-free. People who quit smoking initially fight to overcome their body’s addiction to the drug nicotine. But afterward, they still face challenges that can tempt them to smoke. Forever Free™ includes eight booklets that describe these challenges and ways to deal with them without smoking. Among the topics are controlling weight gain, dealing with stress, and what to do if you have that first cigarette.
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Forever Free for Baby and Me ™ (2004)
for pregnant smokers who have recently quit
Cover of Forever Free for Baby and Me Congratulations on quitting smoking! You have taken one of the most important health steps that a woman can take. The fact that you asked for Forever Free for Baby and Me means that you want to stay smoke-free for you, your baby, and your family. You can succeed! Your commitment, along with the Forever Free for Baby and Me booklets, should increase your chance of success!

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Libres Para Siempre por mi bebé y por mí ™ (2004)
Para fumadoras embarazadas que han dejado de fumar recientemente
Cover of Libres para siempre por mi bebé y por mí ¡Felicidades por dejar de fumar! Usted ha dado uno de los pasos más importantes que una mujer puede dar. El hecho de haber pedido información sobre "Libres para siempre por mi bebé y por mí" significa que desea vivir sin fumar: por su bien, el de su bebé y el de su familia. ¡Puede lograrlo! ¡Ese compromiso y los folletos de "Libres para siempre por mi bebé y por mí" mejorarán sus probabilidades de éxito!

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Guía para Dejar de Fumar (2002)
Para fumadores de habla hispana
Cover of Guia para Dejar de Fumar El número de habitantes de habla hispana está aumentando rápidamente y, pronto, ellos llegarán a ser el segundo grupo étnico más grande en los Estados Unidos. Junto con este crecimiento, hay una necesidad mayor de materiales en español que podrían ayudar a la poblaciĆ³n de habla hispana a dejar de fumar y ha mantenerse así. Escritas para quienes piensan dejar de fumar o quienes ya han dejado de fumar, estas 35 páginas están llenas de fotos, dibujos llamativos y contenido que se basa en la cultura hispana.
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Pathways to Freedom
for African American smokers
Cover of Pathways to Freedom This guide was developed to address the national concern over the high rates of smoking among the African-American population. This updated edition (2003) offers proven strategies for anyone who wants to quit; how friends and family can help, and how the community and its leaders can promote the value of gaining freedom from tobacco.
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Fact Sheets and FAQs
for smokers and non-smokers looking to learn about the impact of smoking
Fact Sheet Cover 19 Fact Sheets and set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) providing information about cigarettes and other tobacco products, environmental tobacco smoke, and additional topics.
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