SMD E/PO Program Evaluation

NASA grantees provide hundreds of programs, activities, events, and resources. These contain information about just some of these efforts, which include award-winning educational web sites, major exhibitions in museums and science centers, partnerships with minority universities, research projects that allow students and teachers to participate in NASA missions, live webcasts, and public television broadcasts on major space science research areas.

The success of this program depends, in part, on the scientists and engineers who conduct research for NASA. There are many avenues for participation by scientists and for such contributions to be recognized and acknowledged.

pdf (1.0 MB) PERG Summative Evaluation Report

March 1998–June 2007

pdf (441.9 kB) PERG Space Place Evaluation Report

July 2005–May 2006

pdf (346.7 kB) Senior Review Panel SMD Space Science E/PO Support Network

Review Panel Report

pdf (3.0 MB) PERG Phase IV Evaluation Report

October 2004 –October 2005

pdf (231.6 kB) PERG Phase III Evaluation Report

October 2001-October 2003

pdf (97.6 kB) E/PO Task Force Review

Implementing the Office of Space Science Education/Public Outreach Strategy: A Critical Evaluation at the Six-Year Mark

pdf (237.9 kB) PERG Interim Evaluation Report (2002)

October 2001 - June 2002

pdf (361.7 kB) PERG Interim Evaluation Report (2001)

January 2001-May 2001