DPAP eBusiness
eBusiness Program Office

DoD Procurement Officials and
DoD Contractors:
Prepare to take advantage of the Procurement eBusiness Conference!

Procurement eBusiness systems are used by all DoD Contractors and most of those in the acquisition and procurement arena. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get up to date on all the latest initiatives!


The Procurement eBusiness Conference is designed to communicate strategic direction in acquisition and procurement, share latest policy and guidance, and provide practical information to help educate DoD contracting professionals, program managers and DoD contractors maximize their use of the eBusiness systems and prepare for upcoming requirements.

Attend to learn about:

  • FPDS-NG and Congressional Reporting
  • The Future of Contract Writing
  • Future Plans for the Integrated Acquisition Environment
  • Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF)
  • Using eBusiness in Expeditionary Contracting
  • The Procurement Data Standard
  • Purchase Card Implementation
  • eSRS and Subcontract Reporting
  • Intragovernmental Transactions and IVAN
  • Current Procurement Policy Initiatives
  • The New FedBizOpps/FedTeDS

Attendees will have hands on access to all the required technologies presented by the top solutions providers in our interactive exhibits area.

Contracting Personnel:

Federal Acquisition Regulations and DPAP Policy require contracting personnel to use all applicable eBusiness systems throughout the contract lifecycle, from posting solicitations on FedBizOpps to past performance reporting through CPARS. In addition, contracts may require several clauses related to eBusiness systems such as the ORCA and WAWF clauses. Not familiar with any or all of these systems? Attend to learn more about these systems and how to use them to make your daily life easier!

DoD Contractors:

The DoD’s goal for external eBusiness is to present a single face to industry. The intent is to make competing for contract opportunities easier by not requiring contractors to go to multiple sites for information, and thus to promote fairness. All contractors doing business with the government will need to utilize one or many of our eBusiness systems, from Central Contractor Registration to Wide Area Workflow. Come learn more and talk to the folks behind these systems!

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