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Cleaning up the Nation's Hazardous Wastes Sites

Superfund QuickFinder

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Superfund is the federal government's program to clean up the nation's uncontrolled hazardous waste sites. We're committed to ensuring that remaining National Priorities List hazardous waste sites are cleaned up to protect the environment and the health of all Americans.

This Web site provides topical information for the general public and for those involved in the Superfund program. On this site, you'll find information about Superfund sites in your area, the health effects of common contaminants, cleanup efforts, and how you can become involved in cleanup activities in your community.

Report oil and chemical spills at 800-424-8802

Ask a Question, call 1-800-424-9346 or click for more information

Superfund Topics:

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Basic Information

Get information about the major Superfund operations involved in discovering and cleaning up hazardous waste sites. Find out how Superfund partners with other EPA offices and outside agencies to achieve its goals.

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Superfund Sites Where You Live

Find out if there is a Superfund site near your home, what kind of contaminants the site has, and what is being done to clean up the site.

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Contaminated Media, Human Health, and Environmental Effects

Learn about specific contaminants such as lead and mercury, or what happens when contaminants are present in the ground, water and air.

Photograph of a flower at a wildlife enhancement area, formerly the old Army Creek Landfill.

Accomplishments & Performance Measures

Read about Superfund cleanup success stories and learn how the Superfund program meets the goals of EPA's strategic plan.

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Cleanup Process

Find out about how sites are placed on the National Priorities List, alternatives for cleaning up these sites, and ways to reuse sites for new development.

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Community Involvement

Help clean up a Superfund site in your community. Learn how to apply for grants, participate in advisory groups and return a community site to beneficial use.

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Training & Learning Center

Obtain professional training through Trainex. Many training opportunities are reserved specifically for federal and state regulators.

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Laws, Policy & Guidance

Locate detailed information about the laws and regulations that govern the Superfund program including CERCLA, the Oil Pollution Act and the National Contingency Plan.

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Emergency Response

Find out how the EPA responds to the release of hazardous substances and oil releases in communities when additional support is needed.

EPA Report Environmental Violations


Learn about how the EPA enforces cleanup funding and activities.

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Related Links

Find out about the various programs which may get involved in Superfund site cleanup efforts.

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In the News

RE-Powering America’s Land: Renewable Energy on Contaminated Land and Mining Sites

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced its RE-Powering America’s Land: Renewable Energy on Contaminated Land and Mining Sites initiative. Through this initiative, the EPA is encouraging and facilitating the reuse of formerly contaminated lands and mining sites for renewable energy generation.

Technical Guidelines for Environmental Dredging of Contaminated Sediments released

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Research and Development Center released a new guidance, this document is the first comprehensive technical guidance to address environmental dredging, from the initial site evaluation stage through operating methods and effectiveness measures.


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