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Secretary's Forecast Report
* What is the Secretary’s Forecast?
  The NIH Executive Secretariat (ES) is responsible for coordinating the weekly submission of NIH’s upcoming significant events for the Secretary’s Forecast. The Forecast is an ongoing, prospective report that is used to inform the Secretary and members of his senior staff of events that are scheduled to occur throughout DHHS within the upcoming 12-week period or beyond. The categories of information the report covers are as follows:
* Policy
* Media
* Congressional (this category is used by staff in the NIH Office of Legislative Policy and Analysis (OLPA))
* Budget/Funding (this category is used by staff in the NIH Office of Budget)
* Grants (this category is used by staff in the NIH Office of Extramural Research)
* Conferences/Meetings
* Reports/Publications
* Intergovernmental
* Early Research Alerts

The activities reported in the Forecast database must also meet one or more of the following criteria:

* Respond to a Presidential initiative;
* Respond to a Secretarial initiative;
* Are likely to generate interest from Members of Congress;
* Are likely to generate interest from major media outlets or wire services;
* Are likely to generate interest from major industries, advocacy groups, trade or other prominent associations;
* Are likely to generate interest from State or Local governments;
* Involve a major scientific development or breakthrough; or
* Involve major budgetary impact.
* How do NIH ICs and OD Offices submit information to the Forecast?
  NIH Information Officers and staff within the OD Office of Communications and Public Liaison, the OLPA, and other NIH components submit information on prospective NIH-sponsored events and activities to ES staff each week via e-mail. All of the NIH information is approved by the NIH Deputy Director before it is officially submitted to HHS.
* Is the Forecast database accessible to all NIH staff?
  The Forecast report database is password protected and is accessible to ES staff. The entire report is printed periodically in its final, edited form and distributed to NIH ICs and OD Offices for their information and use.

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Last updated: April 18, 2003