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Our Mission
The NIH Executive Secretariat (ES) receives, screens, distributes, tracks, and files correspondence to the NIH Director and Deputy Director from the public, academia, Congress, the White House, foreign heads of state and their representatives, the Office of the Secretary of Health and Human Services, other Government agencies, and NIH staff. ES uses an electronic document management system to track the status of actions related to this correspondence, to route correspondence within NIH, and to maintain the official records of the NIH Director and Deputy Director. ES serves as a key information source for Institute and Center Directors and Office of the Director staff and ensures that the NIH Director has the benefit of all points of view before signing documents that establish or affect NIH policy. ES also edits, reviews, clears, and submits to the Office of the Secretary all NIH congressional reports except those required by Appropriations Committees. ES is located within the immediate office of the NIH Director.
Ann Brewer
Director, ES



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Last updated: October 27, 2006