Alphabetical Title List of Edison Motion Pictures

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Admiral Cigarette

Admiral Dewey Landing at Gibraltar

Admiral Dewey Leading Land Parade

Admiral Dewey Leading Land Parade, No.2

Admiral Dewey Receiving the Washington and New York Committees

Admiral Dewey Taking Leave of Washington Committee on the U.S. Cruiser "Olympia"

Advance of Kansas Volunteers at Caloocan

After Launching

American Falls from Above, American Side

Amy Muller

An Animated Luncheon

Annie Oakley

Arabian Gun Twirler

Armour's Electric Trolley

Army Pack Train Bringing Supplies

Arrest in Chinatown, San Francisco, Cal.

Arrival of McKinley's Funeral Train at Canton, Ohio

Arrival of the Governor General, Lord Minto, at Quebec

The Artist's Dilemma

An Artist's Dream

Astor Battery on Parade

The Astor Tramp

[Athlete with Wand]

Aunt Sallie's Wonderful Bustle

Automobile Parade


Band Drill

Battle of Mafeking

Bicycle Trick Riding, No. 2

Bird's-Eye View of San Francisco, Cal., from a Balloon

Bird's-Eye View of Dock Front, Galveston

Black Diamond Express

Blanket-Tossing a New Recruit

Boers Bringing in British Prisoners

Bombardment of the Taku Forts, By the Allied Fleets

Bowery Waltz

The Boxing Cats (Prof. Welton's)

Breaking of the Crowd at Military Review at Longchamps

Bucking Broncho

Buffalo Dance

Buffalo Fire Department in Action

Buffalo Police on Parade

Buffalo Stockyards

Building a Harbor at San Pedro

The Burglar's Slide for Life

Burial of the "Maine" Victims

Burning of the Standard Oil Co's Tanks, Bayonne, N.J.

The Burning Stable

Buster Brown Series:

Buster's Dog to the Rescue

Buster and Tige Put a Baloon Vender Out of Business [sic]

Buster and the Dude Buster Makes Room for His Mama at the Bargain Counter

Buster's Revenge on the Tramp

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