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Welcome to the Fire, Fuel, and Smoke Science Program Home Page
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Rotating Firelab Photographs

FFS LogoThe Fire, Fuel, and Smoke Science Program (FFS) of the Rocky Mountain Research Station (RMRS) has a national charter to conduct fundamental and applied research relating to wildland fire processes, terrestrial and atmospheric effects of fire, and ecological adaptations to fire. In addition, the Program develops associated knowledge tools and applications for both scientists and managers. The scope of work addresses four stages of wildland fire, including: the pre-fire environment; combustion and fire behavior processes; immediate (first-order) fire effects; and longer-term (second-order) fire effects.

The Program consists of researchers at the Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory in Missoula, MT, and the Rocky Mountain Center (RMC) in Fort Collins, CO.

The Fire, Fuel, and Smoke Science Program is organized within six Focus Areas:

  1. Physical Fire Processes
  2. Fuel Dynamics
  3. Smoke Emissions and Dispersion
  4. Fire Ecology
  5. Fire and Fuel Management Strategies
  6. Science Synthesis and Delivery
Many Program activities are cross-cutting, with considerable integration among Focus Areas. Research within the Fire Sciences Lab (FiSL) is currently migrating to the new Focus Areas. Please be patient as we complete this process and update our website.