Here you can play, learn and explore the world around you. NASA brings you an exciting way to look at our Sun and Earth, our solar system and the universe beyond.

From high above our Earth, NASA satellites are looking down studying our Earth and looking out studying the distant worlds of the universe. NASA's unique way of looking at our world around us lets scientists study so much from the global weather patterns of El Nino, to Martian rocks, and to galaxies far, far, way. Have you ever wondered why some years you have more rain or snow than other years? Is there life on Mars? Are there other planets like ours in the universe? NASA scientists are beginning to find answers to these and other questions so we can all better understand our Sun and Earth, our solar system, and the universe beyond.

Come and explore your world and beyond through NASA's eyes. Experience an inspiring view of science with games, activities, movies, and even resources to help you with your homework.