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Northern Light provides strategic research portals to global organizations in many industries. Examples of our current clients include:

  • Largest computer equipment manufacturer
  • Largest enterprise technology services provider
  • Largest enterprise networking solutions provider
  • Largest mobile handset manufacturer
  • Largest financial software developer
  • Largest security software developer
  • Largest telephone network operator
  • Largest information industry publication family
  • Largest market research provider
  • Largest marketing trade association
  • Leading enterprise systems integration firm
  • Leading wireless communication network operator
  • Pioneering provider of human therapeutics
  • U.S. Government agencies

For these and other clients, Northern Light provides:

  • Research portals for internal primary research
  • Research portals for licensed secondary research
  • Research portals for pharmaceutical and patent research
  • Research portals for government opportunity research
  • Licensing of business news and blogs
  • Text analysis and meaning extraction solutions
  • Analyst coverage reporting services
  • Enterprise search technology and applications
  • Collaboration and social networking applications
  • Custom industry and Web search engines
  • Development, hosting, and professional services
 Our customers include:

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