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Consumers' Room

Welcome, everyone!

Medicines in My Home is an educational program and a resource for consumers who want to learn more about the safe use of medicines, especially over-the-counter medicines. It is important to know how to use your medicines safely, whether you are a college student making medicine decisions independently for the first time, an adult caring for your children or your aging parents, or a senior taking an active role in your healthcare.

The Medicines in My Home lesson stresses the importance of reading medicine labels (especially the Drug Facts label). The program teaches consumers how to choose wisely and use medicines safely and when to seek help from a healthcare professional. The lesson uses scenarios to teach the importance of reading label warnings and not using two medicines that contain the same active ingredients at the same time. Family members should share this information with one another while learning how to use over-the-counter medicines safely and effectively.

Key Concepts

  • The Drug Facts label tells you what a medicine treats, how to use it, and if the medicine is right for you and your problem
  • When you use an over-the-counter medicine, READ THE LABEL and follow the label directions carefully and correctly
  • Children should use medicines only with permission and under supervision from a parent or guardian
  • Two medicines that have the same active ingredients should not be used at the same time
  • Measure your medicines correctly with measuring tools made for medicines
  • If you have questions about your medicine, ask your doctor or pharmacist

Learning Objectives

  • Understand similarities and differences between prescription medicines and OTC medicines
  • Understand that OTC medicines and prescription medicines can be harmful if they are not taken according to the directions
  • Identify the active ingredients in an OTC medicine and what those active ingredients treat (the purposes and uses)
  • Identify the warnings sections on the Drug Facts label and explain why there are warnings on the Drug Facts label
  • Identify the Directions section on the Drug Facts label and know how to measure a dose correctly
  • Understand that a person should not use two medicines that contain the same ingredient at the same time
  • Understand how to get more information about their medicines
  • Find more information on the safe use of medicines

  • Medicines in My Home: Information for Adults on Using Over-the-Counter Medicines Safely
    This booklet for adults and their family members includes useful information about using over-the-counter medicines safely. Keep a printed copy of this booklet in your home for easy use.
    [Color PDF ] - Print out and fold into pamphlet form.

  • Classroom Lesson on Safe OTC Medicine Use - for Adult Audiences
    [PowerPoint] - The animated PowerPoint presentation includes slide notes to guide you though the MIMH classroom lesson.
    [PDF ] - These slide note pages can be printed and used as a script while teaching the MIMH lesson in the classroom.
    [PDF ] - This PDF version of the PowerPoint presentation is not animated and does not include slide notes.

  • As They Grow: Teaching Your Children How To Use Medicines Safely

  • Checklist for Choosing Over-the-Counter (0TC) Medicine for Children [PDF ]

  • Checklist for Choosing Over-the-Counter (0TC) Medicine for Adults [PDF ]

  • My Medicine Record
    Keep track of your medicines

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) [HTML] [PDF ]

  • Additional Resources for Consumers
  • Additional Resources for Parents and Caregivers

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