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Are You Ready to Own a Dog?

  1. Have you read about the history of the breed of (type, e.g. beagle, poodle, dalmation) dog you plan to buy?
  2. Does this breed's energy level match yours?
  3. Do you have the necessary supplies for a new puppy
    (for example food and water dishes, a crate or resting place, collar, leash, comb and brush.)
  4. Have you considered the time and money needed to provide a clean environment, food, baths and training?
  5. Have you located a puppy training class?
  6. Do you have books or pamphlets to help you learn about your puppy?
  7. Have you planned to have your dog fixed (spayed or neutered)?
  8. Do you know what your puppy should eat?

Your Score is:

Score Yourself

  • All Yes = You are ready to own a dog! Happy pet ownership!!
  • 5 to 7 Yes = You are almost ready to be a dog owner. You may want to look into those questions you answered No to.
  • 1 to 4 Yes = If you answered No to a lot of these questions you may not be ready to get a dog. Be sure to talk about all these issues with your parents before you get a dog so your dog will be well taken care of and you and your family will be happy with the kind of dog you choose!

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