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The Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA) of 2006 asks the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to lead the development, by January 2008, of a single searchable website, accessible by the public for free that includes for each Federal award:    (3LAT)

  1. the name of the entity receiving the award;    (3LAU)
  2. the amount of the award;    (3LAV)
  3. information on the award including the transaction type, funding agency, etc.;    (3LAW)
  4. the location of the entity receiving the award;    (3LAX)
  5. a unique identifier of the entity receiving the award.    (3LAY)

OMB Memo on FFATA Implementation    (3LB0)

Invitation to Contribute    (3M01)

The purpose of the Requirements Community Wiki is to provide citizens with the ability to comment on and add new FFATA requirements. This Wiki has been pre-populated with requirements based on the FFATA of 2006 and you can choose to:    (3M02)

1) Read all comments and versions - in both the wiki and public discussion forum    (3M0F)

2) Add your comments to the USA Spending requirements wiki pages by category    (3M03)

3) Add your comments to the USA Spending public discussion forum    (3M07)

Thank you. Your contribution is appreciated and will make the application more valuable for everyone.    (3LZZ)

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