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Center for Veterinary Medicine


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Guiding Principles

CVM is committed to:Poster of CVM Guiding Principles

Health Protection
We honor our role in protecting the health of people and animals, and value the principles and spirit of the supporting laws and regulations.

We conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity, recognizing that upholding the public trust requires the highest standards of moral and ethical conduct.

We achieve excellence through the ongoing development of our competencies and continuous quality improvement in all our processes. In particular, we recognize the value and importance of science and law in reaching quality and timely regulatory decisions.

Everyone's contribution is important. Working together, we place the mission of the Center first and align our contributions, whether individual or in teams, toward that end. We conduct ourselves in accordance with the principles of consultative and participative decision-making.

We communicate information, ideas, decisions, and provide feedback, internally and external to the organization, in a candid, timely, constructive, and clear manner.

We treat our customers and each other with fairness, courtesy, respect and compassion while fostering an atmosphere of mutual trust.

We promote workforce diversity to strengthen and enrich the Center.

We apply new concepts, ideas, and creative approaches to improve current operations and to meet the challenges of the future.

Safety and Health
We seek to ensure a safe and healthful workplace.

Quality of Worklife
We create and use programs that enhance our quality of worklife to improve our ability to carry out the mission of the organization.

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