U.S. Food and Drug Administration

From Test Tube To Patient
Protecting America's Health Through Human Drugs

A Special Report From the FDA Consumer Magazine and the FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research
Fourth Edition / January 2006

CDER: The Consumer Watchdog for Safe and Effective Drugs

A Conversation About the FDA and Drug Regulation, With Janet Woodcock, M.D.

The Beginnings: Laboratory and Animal Studies

Inside Clinical Trials: Testing Medical Products in People

The FDA's Drug Review Process: Ensuring Drugs Are Safe and Effective

Advisory Committees: Critical to the FDA's Product Review Process

Greater Access to Generic Drugs

Now Available Without a Prescription

OTC Drug Facts Label

MedWatch: Managing Risks at the FDA

Strategies to Reduce Medication Errors: Working to Improve Medication Safety

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Publication No. FDA 06-1524G

Public Affairs Specialists: On the FDA's Front Line

Think it Through: Managing the Benefits and Risks of Medicines

Use Caution Buying Medical Products Online

Imported Drugs Raise Safety Concerns

The Impact of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising

Orphan Products: Hope for People With Rare Diseases

Drug Research and Children

As You Age: You and Your Medicines

Battle of the Bugs: Fighting Antibiotic Resistance

The Importance of Public Comment to the FDA

How to Obtain Information About Prescription and Over-the-Counter Drugs

Text in the articles in FDA Consumer may be republished without permission. Credit to FDA Consumer as the source is appreciated.