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NASA Acquisition Forecast
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It is NASA policy to prepare an annual forecast and a semiannual update of expected contract opportunities, or classes of contract opportunities, for each fiscal year.  The forecast consolidates anticipated procurements (in excess of the simplified acquisition threshold) at each NASA Center with the aim of increasing industries' advance knowledge of NASA requirements and to enhance competition.

The procurements described in this forecast are expected to be solicited in this fiscal year and beyond, based on the best information available at the time of publication.  All projected procurements are subject to revision or cancellation.  Final decisions as to the extent of competition, small or disadvantaged business set-asides, estimated value, etc., will not be made until each procurement is initiated.  The data is for planning purposes only; it does not represent a presolicitation synopsis or constitute an invitation for bid or request for proposal, nor is it a commitment by the Government to purchase the described supplies and services.  You are urged to review and the NASA Acquisition Internet Service for the actual notice of a pending contract action.

The following Acquisition Forecast is provided by each NASA Center or procurement activity: 

Data Definitions

  • CNTR.   Identifies the Center/activity conducting the procurement.
  • PSCODE.   Indicates the Product and Service Code (PSC) applicable to the forecasted procurement as described in the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) classification scheme and required by P.L. 93-400.  PSCs have up to four alphanumeric identifiers.  The first one or two elements of the PSC generally correspond to the codings used to categorize procurements published on As much of the PSC as possible is used, depending on the current knowledge of the procurement.
  • TYPE.   Identifies the procurement category as Research and Development (R&D), Services (SERV), or Supplies and Equipment (SUPS ), according to FPDS definitions.
  • VALUE.   Indicates the approximate dollar value by the following ranges:
    1. --   $100,000.  to   $1,000,000.
    2. --   $1,000,000.  to   $5,000,000.
    3. --   over  $5,000,000.
  • RELQTR  and  RELFY.   Indicates the anticipated time, by quarter and Government fiscal year, for the issuance of the solicitation.  The Government fiscal year begins on October 1st.
  • SMALLBUS.   Identifies the extent to which the procurement is presently considered to be exclusively available for small and small disadvantaged businesses to perform:  "FULL" indicates a full set-aside is contemplated;  " PART"  indicates a partial set-aside is expected; "NONE" indicates that no set-aside is currently planned;  and  "TBD"  means that no preliminary determination has been made.
  • COMP.   Indicates whether the procurement is expected to be competitive  "Y ",  or non-competitive  "N".
  • POC.   Identifies the name and office code of a NASA employee at the procuring activity who is knowledgeable of the procurement and who can assist interested parties in assessing their abilities to participate in the procurement, either as a prime or subcontractor.
  • PHONE.   Identifies the commercial phone number of the person named as the POC.
  • DESCRIPTION.   Provides a brief description of the procurement and any other information the procuring activity considers to be useful to potential sources.
  • UPDT.   Indicates whether the procurement data has been updated since the previous forecast.  Each time a forecast is updated, this entry will be correspondingly annotated; e.g., a procurement action that has had some of its forecast information revised twice since its original publication would have the number "2" in this column.

Additional Acquisition Information

  • Other procurements not specifically identified by PSC are included under a miscellaneous category, providing the total number of actions and total value.
  • All questions pertaining to the forecast procurements contained in this report should be directed to the specified points of contact (POC) at the contracting activity or the Center's Small/Minority Business Contacts. Interested firms are invited to contact the Centers' Small Business Offices to be included on source lists for their particular areas of contracting capability.

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