The American Customer Satisfaction Index - The voice of the Nation's Consumer
As long as repeat business is important, and as long as customers have a chance to go somewhere else, employees musst deliver high levels of customer satisfaction for a company to be successful.
ACSI Scores and Commentary
ACSI measures satisfaction with over 200 companies in 43 industries plus a sizable portion of the federal government. Each quarter a different set of industries is updated and published along with detailed analysis.
Corporate Services
ACSI provides tools that enable subscribers to conduct rigorous benchmarking and predictive analysis using ACSI data. Subscribers learn what drives satisfaction as well as how satisfaction improvements impact future financial performance.
About ACSI
ACSI is based on econometric modeling of data obtained from interviews with customers – the actual users of products and services that make up a substantial part of the gross domestic product.
ACSI Bookstore
Each quarter ACSI publishes national update reports analyzing results for each sector and industry. Also available are a report detailing the ACSI methodology and a summary of findings from the first ten years of ACSI.
The satisfied customer The Satisfied Customer The new book from ACSI founder
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