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Center for Veterinary Medicine
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Cumulative Veterinary Adverse Drug Experience (ADE) Reports

FDA’s CVM has posted the Cumulative Adverse Drug Experiences (ADE) Summaries Report so that veterinarians and animal owners can have easily available access to information about signs that have been associated with drugs. The appropriate use of this website information is to search the active ingredient of a drug to see if particular signs associated with adverse reactions have been reported with the drug’s use. These signs are listed in order of frequency from most frequently observed to least frequently observed. Adverse experiences are listed by the active ingredient of each drug in the ADE Report. One active ingredient in the list may represent more than one brand name. Interested individuals can find a complete list of brand names associated with each active ingredient by using the on-line “Green Book” and clicking on the following link - List of Brand Names Associated with Active Ingredients.

ADE Report Description

Glossary of Terms   

NOTE: The ADE Summaries are broken into 6 alphabetical subsections to allow easier access to specific drug information. It takes between 8-11 minutes to download a one megabyte file using the average dial up internet connection. All the reports are displayed in Adobe Arobat file format (.pdf).

  • 1987 to January 2, 2009 - AC (0.55 MB)

  • 1987 to January 2, 2009 - DF (0.57 MB)

  • 1987 to January 2, 2009 - GL (0.42 MB)

  • 1987 to January 2, 2009 - MN (0.48 MB)

  • 1987 to January 2, 2009 - OR (0.32 MB)

  • 1987 to January 2, 2009 - SZ (0.49 MB)

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