FDA Overview
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Table of Contents

Protecting Consumers, Promoting Public Health

What Have We Done for You Lately?

Medical Breakthroughs

Safer Foods

Safer Blood Supply

Broad Responsibilities

Benefits vs. Risks

Safe, Wholesome, Sanitary Foods

Safe and Effective

Safer Consumer and Medical Radiation Products

Safe and Effective Animal Drugs

Safe Cosmetics

Truth and Informative Labels

What Does It Cost?

Who We Are

Since 1906...

New Hazards New Laws

Science, Regulation, Consumer Protection

FDA in the Neighborhood

How We Do Our Job

New Product Review

Keeping Watch

Standards and Regulations


Enforcement-Correcting Problems

Our Challenges

Working With Partners to Meet the Challenge

Priorities for the Year 2000 and Beyond

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Protecting Consumers, Promoting Public Health-The End

Author: Jan Elicker

Home Page: www.fda.gov/default.htm