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A Guide to Resources on the
History of the Food and Drug Administration

This guide is designed to familiarize FDA staff, other government employees, historians, the press, regulated industry, students, and anyone else interested in regulatory history with the various resources on the history of the FDA. Included are both core sources useful for specific inquiries into the agency's past and information for those pursuing extensive historical research on the FDA. In addition, the guide discusses the structure, functions, and some of the programs of the FDA History Office. The office has a wide range of functions and offers various types of assistance to staff and outsiders, as reflected in some of the programs and activities mentioned at the end of this guide. The FDA is the oldest federal agency that has as its principal purpose the protection of consumer health; this guide will help those who want to learn more about the evolution of this agency.


Background: FDA's Origins and Functions

Researching the History of FDA

FDA History Office
HFC-24, Room 13-51, Food and Drug Administration
5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville, MD 20857
(301) 443-6367

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