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The Library of Congress has been designated the ISO 639-2/RA for the purpose of processing requests for alpha-3 language codes comprising the International Standard, Codes for the representation of names of languages-- Part 2: alpha-3 code. The ISO 639-2/RA receives and reviews applications for requesting new language codes and for the change of existing ones according to criteria indicated in the standard. It maintains an accurate list of information associated with registered language codes, processes updates of registered language codes, and distributes them on a regular basis to subscribers and other parties.

This is the official site of the ISO 639-2 Registration Authority and thus is the only one authorized by ISO. If you have questions concerning ISO 639-2 please contact us at:

Library of Congress
Network Development and MARC Standards Office
Washington, DC 20540-4402
Phone: +1 202 707 6237
FAX: +1 202 707 0115

For general discussion about ISO language codes, write to:

ISO 639-2 Code List

ISO 639-2 Change Notice

Request form for additions to language codes

Criteria for requesting new language codes

ISO 639 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Development of ISO 639-2

Functions of the ISO 639-2 Registration Authority

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July 1, 2008