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Immediate Needs

profile of girl holding plastic horse on the destroyed roof of her grandmother's home

Covington, TN, November 16, 2002 -- A girl sits on what used to be the roof of her grandmother's home. Her home was destroyed by tornadoes Nov. 10th. (FEMA/Roll)

Once a pending disaster has been announced or has just struck, you will need to move quickly.  Here are some resources to get you started. 

Evacuate or Stay Put. Information to help you decide to evacuate or shelter in place.

Gathering Up Loved Ones. Your family may not be in one location when disaster strikes.

Emergency Food & Water. Information for finding food and water in an emergency.

Emergency Shelter. Resources on choosing a place in your home or other building that is safest for the hazard.

Emergency Medical. Help may not be available. Here are some basic tips on caring for injuries.